shrimp fried rice and hot n’sour soup . . .

by mulberryshoots

Tonight’s supper: shrimp fried rice with snap peas and eggs; hot and sour soup from the other night.

Stir-fried shrimps marinated in cooking sherry wine and cornstarch, sauteed with scallions and garlic; removed from heat. Stir fried sliced snap peas until nice and green. Scrambled eggs and added a little scallion. More vegetable oil in an empty pan and softened the leftover rice until it was separated and soft. Then added back the eggs first, sprinkled salt, snap peas and then cut-up cooked shrimp. Stirred together with some soy sauce.

Reheated the leftover hot and sour soup, added a little more chicken broth and a slurry of Chinese wine vinegar, sugar and soy. A little strong, but I can dilute it if needs be. Yum!