the best lunch: quesadillas!

by mulberryshoots

I can’t believe I haven’t made Quesadillas before now.

I saw a short video of Jacques Pepin making them the other day and we’ve had them for lunch both yesterday and today. They are DELiCIOUS!! One of the reasons they taste so good is that I cut white Silver King corn from the cob and cook it in a little butter to add to the quesadillas. Pepin used canned corn and the sweet crispiness of the fresh cooked kernals are crunchy and tasty.

What he did use and which I followed were sprigs of fresh cilantro added to the salsa (Paul Newman mild) and shredded cheddar cheese. Honestly, it comes together in a wink of an eye, cooks up just as fast and is not as heavy as eating pizza but more satisfying in taste and texture.

Try it sometime – and use some fresh corn. You’ll be surprised, as we were, at how much you’ll enjoy eating them!