stuffed mushrooms for the New Year! . . .

by mulberryshoots

I was picking up some last minute things at Shaw’s when I saw a package of GIGANTIC mushrooms for just $5.99. I brought them home thinking that making baked stuffed mushrooms would go very nicely on New Year’s Day with leftover slices of cold roast lamb served with Major Grey’s mango chutney.

There are lots of recipes online but here’s the one I use each time I make these – which is not very often. So, it’s fun! Pluck out stems from the mushrooms. In a skillet, melt half a stick of unsalted butter, chop 4-5 cloves of garlic; chop up a healthy bunch of fresh parsley and add both to bubbling skillet. Sprinkle on some Bell’s seasoning for sage flavor and mix well. Add half a bag of Pepperidge Farm stuffing crumbs and a half can of Swanson’s chicken broth. Mix well by scooping up and around so that air is able to help cook the stuffing. Add more broth if needed for it to adhere to itself. Let cool.

In a much larger skillet, sprinkle with a little olive oil, stuff each mushroom to the gills, pressing down on the stuffing so it stays together. Heat each one up in the olive oil – When all are filled, let cook on low heat for awhile until bottoms are a little golden brown.Transfer the mushrooms to a sprayed pan and set together gently. Grate some fresh parmesan on the tops of the stuffed mushrooms.

When ready to eat, preheat the oven to 375 and bake the mushrooms for about 20 minutes until they are golden brown on the top and look cooked in the middle. ENJOY!