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a tuesday to remember . . .

Noho flowersToday, my daughter and I spent the day together, driving out to our alma mater town, Northampton, MA. where both of us went to school, a generation apart.

On Tuesdays from April to November on Tuesdays, a farmers’ market opens in the town’s courtyard at 1:30 p.m., the bounty of which comes from the rich soil of the Pioneer Valley (Connecticut River) in the surrounding area.

Even though there are only about a dozen vendors, the selection is of superior quality, ranging from vegetables to flowers, organic eggs and baked goods including small fruit tarts for dessert. Today, we had a leisurely lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant, the Osaka and finished just in time to go to the market when it opened.Noho 2

It was a good thing too, because a thundershower front which looked ominously dark approached us. We made it out of town just in time, sharing a fresh fruit tart and iced coffee in the car. When we drew into our yard, the thunder began to roll in while we ran from the car with our bounty before the rain came down in a torrent of water.  Noho eggs

What a wonderful day it’s been – filled with music that I played at home and then in the car as we chatted and caught up on our activities while she’s been in Europe on vacation these last few weeks. We’re planning to get together again next week to see Meryl Streep and Rick Springfield in “Ricki and the Flash,” a movie about a mother who abandons her children while they’re young to follow her dream of singing with her rock band.

The thunderstorms rolled through the state, large hail falling and trees being uprooted all around us. But we moved through the day under a halo of sun that didn’t darken until we got home, safe and sound.

C & K selfie



bouquet . . .

Heavy rains falling in the night have become the norm here. Flashes of lightning that appear brighter and more ominous than their real distance occur a few times a week. We’re lucky to have the rain.

The garden is the better for it. . . although I noticed that the weeds have benefited from the rain as much as the flowering shrubs and bushes. After I put the laundry in this morning, I took my garden shears outside and looked around to see what I could find for a bouquet to grace our kitchen table.

Afterwards, I took the bag of Granny Smith apples and the corn on the cob that have been waiting patiently in the bottom of the fridge. I like cooking in the mornings during the summer. Before you know it, there’s dessert ready for dinner as well as some cornbread made with the corn, sliced off the cob cooked in a little butter with some chopped up green onions after it’s cooled. Will send some of the apple pie and the cornbread across the street to G.’s mother who is ninety-three.