bouquet . . .

by mulberryshoots

Heavy rains falling in the night have become the norm here. Flashes of lightning that appear brighter and more ominous than their real distance occur a few times a week. We’re lucky to have the rain.

The garden is the better for it. . . although I noticed that the weeds have benefited from the rain as much as the flowering shrubs and bushes. After I put the laundry in this morning, I took my garden shears outside and looked around to see what I could find for a bouquet to grace our kitchen table.

Afterwards, I took the bag of Granny Smith apples and the corn on the cob that have been waiting patiently in the bottom of the fridge. I like cooking in the mornings during the summer. Before you know it, there’s dessert ready for dinner as well as some cornbread made with the corn, sliced off the cob cooked in a little butter with some chopped up green onions after it’s cooled. Will send some of the apple pie and the cornbread across the street to G.’s mother who is ninety-three.