one wish. . .

by mulberryshoots

I was in Porter Square yesterday for a late lunch and saw something that caught my eye in a shop specializing in Japanese pottery and decorative things. They were papier mache dolls of Daruma, used in a practice to focus one’s intention on a wish, place it into the Universe and follow it to completion.

Since Monday is the Chinese New Year, the year of the Dragon, I bought two of these dolls, one for me and one for George–and have been thinking about what my wish would be. Apparently, you’re supposed to make the wish and fill in one eye on the doll (see Wiki Daruma doll photo above.) Each time you look at it, you remember your wish, until it comes to fruition, at which time you fill in the other eye, thereby, achieving a kind of enlightenment, or “seeing with both eyes.” I had not noticed these Daruma heads before but thought it could be an interesting tradition for us to begin practicing.

Then, began the hard part. Trying to figure out which one wish to make–whether it be generic (health, security, longevity) or more specific (writing and publishing wishes) and what the length of time might be for the duration of the wish (a year, six months, as long as I live?)

It has actually become interesting. To come up with a wish for MYSELF and not necessarily for me and others or for others as is often my predisposition. Would the wish be about peace of mind, modesty, contentment? Or specific, like writing progress, growing my hair out or spending less money?

When you have a chance to make one wish, it opens up a lot of possibilities in order to narrow it down to one. As for me, I still have until Monday to figure out what it might be.

What about you? What’s your one wish to place in the hands of a Daruma?