true or false? . . .

by mulberryshoots

I’ve spent most of my life alone. Oh, I’ve had people around me at times, but for most intents and purposes, I’ve led a pretty solitary life. Perhaps that’s one reason I like the Taoist hermit model. It feels comfortable to me. For that, I’ve learned how to trust myself and my instincts.

Something happened a little awhile ago that surprised me. I could have questioned it to death, but my instincts told me that my intuition was correct about what happened and probably how it happened to come about. So was it in fact true?

With this long and carefully honed sense of things for myself, I think I can also tell what’s false. At least for me. Some might say that I’m just very opinionated, thinking that I am right about things all the time. I don’t think I’m right all the time, in fact. I think that most of the time, I’m just right about things for myself. That’s all. There is no real right or wrong or true or false. It’s how we perceive things in the end. Or at the beginning of things. And what feels right to my inner self.

This post seems kind of rhyme-y to me. That is, there’s no real rhyme or reason for it. Is there?