easy . . .

by mulberryshoots

white egret

You know how sometimes life can feel like it’s really hard? Well, recently, I’ve decided that it would be a lot nicer for it to be easy instead. Not to worry, you know? Not to run around as if you really have to. Just look around. Take it easy.

Not try so hard. Be thoughtful. Give things a second chance. Or a third. Give up old grudges. Especially since it doesn’t do any good to have them anyway. To think about those who are old. Consider the people we know who are really sick. Wonder whether people would be helped simply by seeing if they have a deficiency like iodine or potassium that might help their bodies rest, regenerate and balance out instead of stuffing themselves with chemo, anti-depressants, sleeping pills and the like. Appreciate being able to be cool inside when it’s sweltering hot and humid outside. Be honest and true. It’s easier than pretending anything else.

Watched part of the new version of the film, “Anna Karenina” yesterday. Saw parts of it where Keira Knightley is SO MISERABLE. Paranoid she will lose her true love. Shunned by everyone. Yearning after what she can’t have. Not wanting to give up even though he can’t make up his mind. Until she falls in front of a train and dies. Boy, was I glad that G. and I married each other after seeing that movie! We didn’t have to but we both wanted to after a few years together. It’s been over twenty years now since we met because the lyre on my Steinway piano wasn’t put back by the movers properly. Fate or Karma or something like that. Destiny. Shows you don’t have to make that much of an effort in life because surprises are the things that change its direction anyhow. And it’s not of your own doing. Many of the most important things that have happened to me have been due to events outside of my control, both good and bad. Not on the radar screen by a long shot. So, why worry? Maybe taking it easy a long time ago might have increased my life span. I’ll never know, will I?

I know of people who can’t sleep because maybe they are worried they won’t wake up again. I can understand that fear in the very old or in the very sick. But, it’s not up to our will. So we might as well sleep. Slumber. Give into life. It will hold up. It always has, come to think of it.