sunday . . .

by mulberryshoots

leek and potato soup . . .

leek and potato soup . . .

It’s a calm, sunny Sunday today. No snow. No rain. The sun shines through the windows and the skylights, shimmering on the wooden floors in the kitchen and our sitting room. The sun basked, warming our backs as we sat at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper and finishing our breakfasts.

Today is a slower cooking day: this afternoon, I’ll peel some russet potatoes, rinse a bunch of leeks carefully separating the leaves to make sure that dirt goes down the drain and not into the soup. Chop the leeks into small pieces and brown gently with a generous dollop of unsalted butter in a heavy pot; then add the cut up potatoes, stirring in some chicken stock. Simmer the whole thing with the lid on top, the fragrant soup finished off with light cream after it has been pureed in the VItamix and cooled on the kitchen counter. I’ve been looking for some vintage silverplate soup spoons with rounded bowls which we will use for the first time with tonight’s supper.

fresh out of the oven!~

fresh out of the oven!~

In the meantime, I’m mixing yeast, milk and honey with oats, flour and butter to start a loaf of oatmeal bread. I’ll time it so that the loaf will rise once, then shaped, risen again in the white stoneware loaf pan, baked to a golden hue, topped with a sprinkling of oatmeal. Resting for ten to fifteen minutes or so to slice thickly, spread with cold unsalted butter and a little honey, sliced into triangles, eaten with bowls of leek-potato soup.

I’ve been trying a different soporific (translate sleeping aid) every night and so far, the vexing pattern of tossing and turning, trying dreams and flopping my heavy cast back and forth has continued unabated. I’m hopeful to try a different regimen today/tonight that may result in more rest. Side effects of pain medication and insomnia have plagued me more than the amount of pain emanating from the ankle injury.

Noro "mossa" yarn . . .

Noro “mossa” yarn . . .

To while away the three week wait to have my cast removed, I’ve ordered some musky taupe Noro Mossa yarn with purple, green and brown colourways which should arrive this coming week. Planning to knit a simple garter stitch cardigan that will pass the time and give me a project that I can wear outside once my leg gets better and as Spring showers bring May flowers.