musical miracles on a Sunday morning!

by mulberryshoots

Marie Sibylla Merian - botanical engraving (c. 1705)

Marie Sibylla Merian – botanical engraving (c. 1705)

Just a quick note about how miraculous (that’s the only word for it) the technological world we live in is that allows us to access art, artists and beautiful music on a Sunday morning at home.

Here’s my little tale: this a.m. I was browsing concert schedules for ones that we might want to go to this summer. Happened upon a French pianist I had never heard of: Lise de la Salle, on the Rockport Chamber Music Festival website.

And while we’re unable to attend her concert on June 18th due to a heavy schedule, I looked up her recordings on I-Tunes. For a 24 year old, she has EIGHT albums that comprise a huge repertoire including Bach, Mozart, Schumann, Liszt, Prokoviev, Rachmaninoff, Shostakovitch and more. Looked her up on her website and discovered she concertizes mostly in Europe including the prestigious Verbier Festival in August, 2016.

Back to I-Tunes, I listened to a bunch of samples from her albums, purchased 3 for 99 cents each and made a playlist on my Library after they were downloaded. Found Youtube clips of these pieces and posted on my Facebook page to share this wonderful music on a quiet Sunday morning (both G. and I were very impressed with the clarity and musical depth of her playing.)

THEN, I looked up the IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project) website where you can search for music scores and found Rachmaninoff’s (Rocky) 2nd Etude Tableaux Op. 39, No.2 which I downloaded and printed in about 7 minutes time.

I’m planning to sightread it today and am looking forward to learning this piece. In my high school days, I played another Rocky Etude Tableaux but not as beautifully poignant as this one.

All of this new music (audible and legible) has materialized from virtually nowhere (except the Internet) and it’s not even 9 o’clock on a Sunday morning – thanks to the instant access available to us on our laptops.

WOW! Aren’t we lucky?!