it’s almost summer! . . .

by mulberryshoots

it's almost summer! . . .

it’s almost summer! . . .

Now that we’re approaching Memorial Day, we’ve “fired up the Barbie!” as they say in Australia & New Zealand. Ours is a modest cast iron hibachi like the Japanese use because we prefer cooking over real charcoal briquets and wood-chips to cook and flavor our food.

Recently, I’ve marinated some flank steak (yesterday) and chicken thighs (today) to grill on the hibachi. After breakfast today, I “butterflied” the chicken pieces by cutting all around the thigh bone so that the meat is flattened out, more surface area to soak up the marinade and easier to ensure that they are cooked through without burning the outside while the inside is still too pink.

The marinade is the same for both the flank steak and the chicken: About a half cup of Korean barbecue sauce that you can find at asian markets; 3 fat cloves of crushed garlic, slivers of fresh ginger root and 3 scallions, washed and sliced.

flank steak marinade ingredients

flank steak marinade ingredients

The meat fits conveniently into a sturdy sandwich bag along with the marinade and I squish it around so all of it is evenly distributed. Then I pop it into the fridge until about an half hour before I’m ready to grill – about the time I start the coals and give them plenty of time for the fire to calm down – not too hot but a steady cooking heat.

Here’s a photo of the “butterflied” raw chicken thighs:

"butterflied" chicken thighs

“butterflied” chicken thighs

chicken, marinating

chicken, marinating


And the piece of resistance – the chicken browning on the charcoal grill (below).


Bon Appetit!

chicken browning on the charcoal grill hibachi! Yum!

chicken browning on the charcoal grill hibachi! Yum!