“hope springs eternal. . .!”

by mulberryshoots

the "mama" shoot, now growing multiple leaves!

the “mama” shoot, now growing multiple leaves!

Here’s an “against all odds” kind of post.
We had a money plant that was over eight feet tall, grown from a shoot we bought at the grocery store that grew on the kitchen windowsill. Then it collapsed for some reason and we were told by a plant expert to CUT IT OFF down to about four feet.

new shoots 2No leaves or branches left. A bare stump of a trunk. I kept it barely watered since the radical surgery taken last March (2015) and it lay dormant until and about ten days ago. I looked at it and saw, miraculously, that there was fresh growth coming out of a couple of “eyes” on the bare trunk.

one of four more "baby shoots" coming along. . .

one of four more “baby shoots” coming along. . .

Since then, the “shoots” are lengthening every day (about an eighth of an inch per day.)

 Now if that isn’t a sign of hope and renewal, I don’t know what is!
What do they say about perseverance?  “Love Conquers All,” “Hope Springs Eternal,” and most of all, “NEVER GIVE UP!”
POSTSCRIPT:  June 18, 2016
Here are three photos taken 12 hours apart in the last 36 hours showing exponential growth. To the adages quoted above, one more comes to mind this morning which is:  “Its Never Too Late!”
It also occurred to me this morning how encouraging this truism might also apply to us humans as well as the plant kingdom. Right?
DSCN9749leaves Sat. June 18 6-30 a.m.
 GROWTH since June 18th:
photo taken june 23rd

photo taken june 23rd

photo taken june 26th

photo taken june 26th