summer supper . . .

by mulberryshoots


On Tuesday while waiting at the hospital, I looked through an “Organic Life” magazine that had what looked like a quesadilla with scallions on it. Since I’ve been home, I wanted to make some scallion pancakes for a light supper. So tonight, I used some flatbread that I had in the fridge, spread the flatbread with a little sesame oil and lard, chopped up a gorgeous handful of thin, fresh green onions, sprinkled some sea salt before crisping two halves in a skillet with a weight on it. (Next time, I might use flour tortillas which are thinner and less bread-like.)

The rest of our supper was fresh corn on the cob and bowls of cream of potato soup that I took out of the freezer earlier in the day. George brought in a handful of ripe cherry tomatoes from our plant outside on the deck. Yum!