Icelandic yogurt! . . .

by mulberryshoots

looking forward to my lunch!

looking forward to my lunch!

My daughter, C. stayed in Iceland for a few days this summer after a sojourn in France. She commented on how delicious the butter was in Iceland. So today in the grocery store, this yogurt made with milk from Iceland caught my eye. It’s also coconut flavor so I thought I’d try it out with a white nectarine sliced up for my lunch.


Note: The yogurt looked creamy and delicious when I opened it. The first spoon tip of yogurt was to die for – smooth to the tongue and not as thick as Greek yogurt, slightly honey-sweet with tiny bits of coconut. I dipped thin slices of white nectarine into the yogurt and stopped halfway through. I was sated as I packed the remaining slices of nectarine into the yogurt to have for dessert, later tonight. Now, I’m tempted to drive back to Shaw’s this afternoon and buy up the remaining coconut flavor and a couple of strawberry of this delectable Icelandic yogurt. And a couple more white nectarines too. What a great summertime treat!