spinach salad with bacon and eggs. . .

by mulberryshoots

NYTimes photo of Melissa Clark's salad. . .

NYTimes photo of Melissa Clark’s salad. . .

I’ve been avoiding eggs for weeks while taking a prescription to get my cholesterol numbers down. Later this morning, I’m visiting my doctor and will see whether my numbers have improved after six weeks of egg and animal protein semi-fasting.

Afterwards tonight, I plan to have a light dinner of a robust spinach salad made from Melissa Clark’s recipe that appeared in the NYTimes today. It looks like just what the doctor didn’t order – but which I’m going to have as a mini treat for having been so disciplined. Then tomorrow, back on the wagon again!

I remember making a warm spinach salad with thickly sliced fresh mushrooms and bacon in the 80’s. This one reminds me of that same recipe, even the vinaigrette ingredients. Maybe I’ll do that and skip the eggs tonight, whaddya think?