“cauliflower rice” . . .

by mulberryshoots











My granddaughter mentioned how much she liked cauliflower rice but I’ve never tried it myself. This morning, G. came up stairs with a package of it that was left for us by our neighbor tenant who’s away for the week visiting her family in Georgia. Along with it were some small bella mushrooms and organic zucchini.

So tonight, I’ll rustle up some cauliflower fried rice with a bit of chopped Smithfield ham, onions, zucchini, mushrooms and the ‘rice’ along with some eggs and scallions. The secret ingredient is a dollop of soy sauce when everything has cooked together. Very fragrant!

I’ve also been planning to make a fresh wonton noodle soup in a rich broth I’d saved from poaching a chicken and soup made from winter melon and shitake mushrooms. I’ll boil the noodles, rinse them well and then slide them into the prepared broth. Some fresh watercress will go into the noodle broth just before serving. 

May be an odd combination for our supper, but that’s what I have on hand to cook tonight – and it will be tasty, I think. Hope so anyhow.