milk and honey homemade bread . . .

by mulberryshoots

The other day, I saw a photo of thick slices of oven-toasted homemade bread  buttered for an English breakfast. Today, I also remembered the scrumptious loaves of bread I made awhile ago with milk and honey.

Here’s the original post with the recipe.

Because I didn’t have a lot of flour in the cupboard, (I had about 3 cups plus a little instead of 3.5 cups plus a little,) I reduced slightly the amount of liquid and other ingredients to accommodate for a smaller loaf. The first round of dough rose mid-morning in the oven, warmed by turning on the oven light. It’s amazing how much warmth that little thing gives off!

Once it rose the first time, I gently punched down the dough and kneaded it for a short time. Then, I formed a loaf: folding it over lengthwise and crosswise placing the loaf seams down into a buttered white porcelain bread pan, a favorite in my kitchen pantry. Covered it and let it rise in the oven again along with a pan of warm water.

For supper tonight,we’re having leftover Kobe ground beef made into meatballs with tomato sauce and thin spaghetti – a chunk of parmesan cheese to grate alongside. The fresh loaf of bread will still be warm when we sit down to eat.  LOVE the aroma of baking bread in the kitchen – G. will be happy when he arrives home tonight!