tofu dishes . . .

by mulberryshoots

Last week, Caitlin and I had lunch at a sushi bar in Cambridge. A cold tofu appetizer was delicious – a cube of tofu with a little tamari or soy with nori strips and sesame seeds – it was refreshing and tasty. Today, I read a bewitching article in the NYTimes “Eat” section by Gabrielle Hamilton about making tofu from scratch and serving it in a novel way.

This afternoon, I opened a pack of “silken” tofu and spooned about a third of the contents into a large white bowl. It was just enough for a mid-afternoon snack after a rather sparse salad for lunch. To it, I poured a little Ohsawa organic soy sauce, snipped some “spicy nori strips” on top and sprinkled on some Eden brand Gomasio (sesame seeds, seaweed salt, etc.) on top.

It was tasty and satisfied my craving for something cool and savory on a summer Sunday afternoon. If you like fresh cilantro, a little on top might be tasty too.