“bare bones apple pie. . . “

by mulberryshoots


I came across some thin pork chops on sale at the Stop and Shop today. Will cook them with a crisp outside and simmered in a mustard/brown sugar/apple cider glaze for supper tonight. Along with it will be baked potatoes and perhaps some sauteed kale with soy, Japanese seasoned vinegar and honey.

Casting around for something to become dessert, I found two and a half Honey Crisp apples in the righthand bin of the fridge; some golden raisins and a Pillsbury prepared pie crust. Peeled and cut up, I tossed the apples with a little flour, brown sugar, cinnamon and the raisins. Laid out the crust and filled it in a square baking pan, pulling  the crust around it to make a crostada of sorts. A few dabs of butter and a squeeze of lemon juice plus sprinklings of sugar and cinnamon on the crust dressed it up.

Into the oven it went for about 45 minutes at 375 degrees (because the pan was a dark metal non-stick pan.) Hope someone shows up with some nice vanilla bean ice cream to go with it for dessert!