grilled chicken legs . . .

by mulberryshoots


In the past few months, I’ve been using a bottled teriyaki marinade when cooking fresh chicken legs. Today, I had some Whole Foods air-chilled chicken legs which I cut in pieces including making cuts down either side of the thigh bones to expedite thorough cooking. I then added Osawha organic soy sauce, cooking sherry (Holland brand,) two crushed cloves of garlic, green onions and fresh ginger root sliced into slivers. A spot of honey went into the mixture at the end. I turned the chicken with a big spoon and put a plate on top of the large pyrex mixing bowl that contained this ambrosia mixture for dinner.

After marinating, I’ll broil the chicken with the skin side up last. With it, I’m cooking up a pot of jasmine rice and sauteeing a skillet full of fresh kale. A simple supper that’s aromatic and healthy at the same time!