leftover roast lamb shepherd’s pie . . .

by mulberryshoots


For the snow-ice storm we just had over the weekend here in Massachusetts, I had taken out a leg of lamb that was in the freezer, a back-up for the holidays, and roasted it with mustard, fresh rosemary and lots of garlic.

We enjoyed it again the other night sliced medium rare with Major Grey’s mango chutney and baked Japanese sweet potatoes. Last night while waiting to go to sleep, I thought of making a shepherd’s pie from the rest of the lamb, along with chopped onions, garlic and carrots.

This morning, the task of cutting up the lamb wasn’t as tedious as I had feared. I cut out all of the fatty bits, then sliced it into thin strips, then into small cubey bits. After the chopped vidalia onion was beginning to soften in the skillet along with olive oil and two cloves of chopped garlic, I added chopped carrot and the lamb. I sprinkled the mixture with Lawry’s garlic salt, truffle salt and cracked pepper, letting the aromatic mixture simmer together.

This afternoon before supper, I’ll place half of the lamb melange  into a casserole and freeze the other half. I’ll sprinkle a little hand grated nutmeg on top of the filling before topping it with mashed potatoes (which I make from instant mashed potato packets,) dotting the top with salt, pepper and bits of butter. Baked at 375 until golden brown, this meat pie is something to look forward to!