snowstorm = homemade beef vegetable soup!

by mulberryshoots

DSCN8688There has been a wave of snowstorms across the Midwest, some of them heading our way in New England this afternoon. We’re supposed to have six inches of snow late afternoon and evening followed by rain all night. Damp and cold!

When I was in the grocery store, I asked for the butcher to cut up some beef shin to make a homemade vegetable soup that I’ve been making for many years. The basic recipe steps are:

  1. Buy a meaty beef shin and sprinkle with Lawry’s garlic salt and pepper.
  2. In a large dutch oven, heat up some vegetable oil, add the beef shin to brown with chopped onions, chopped carrots and celery stalks and leaves.
  3. Turn the beef over and brown the other side, stirring the simmering vegetables.
  4. Chop some tomatoes (looking for a home in the fridge) or a can of Del Monte stewed tomatoes.
  5. Add beef flavoring (I use 2 Knorr gelatin packs) and add Spring water until there’s a good proportion of broth for the soup to simmer all afternoon.

As the soup cooks, taste the broth and check whether there’s too much beef flavor or not enough – add more water as needed. The meat will cook until it falls off the bone – remove the sinew and cut the beef into bite-size pieces.

6.   A half hour before serving, add freshly cut up cabbage to the soup.

I sometimes also add a handful of tiny alphabet macaroni to the soup which expands a little while it cooks.

For dinner, I might bake some cornbread or biscuits to accompany the soup. Here’s hoping we get less snow than more! Stay warm!