Valentine’s Day supper. . .

by mulberryshoots


I saw fresh jumbo ocean scallops glistening in the fish market today and bought some to make for V-day supper tonight. The rest of the dish includes parmesan brown rice risotto with zucchini and fresh spinach. There’s a recipe for brown butter scallops online and I plan to follow most of it except that I might cream the spinach and add a little nutmeg to it.

Lundberg makes a brown rice parmesan risotto in a box. I usually saute some fresh zucchini and mushrooms before preparing the risotto. The only caveat is to add less water than it calls for – otherwise, it turns out too mushy. The spinach is washed, dried and browned in butter-olive oil. When it has cooked, I cut it up and sprinkle a little nutmeg on it along with a little cream. Luscious!

As for the scallops, I dry them off and sear them quickly on each side, holding them in a separate dish. The last step is to melt some unsalted butter until it gradually browns. Serve the risotto with the spinach alongside and the seared scallops. Spoon the brown butter on top of the scallops and serve with a glass of Prosecco. Alongside are honey biscuits that G. picked up at the store and which we’re trying out for the first time.

Happy Valentine’s Day – and Bon Appetit!