old-fashioned Sloppy Joe’s . . .

by mulberryshoots

DSCN9283It’s easy to grab a can of Manwich Sandwich and add it to ground beef to make sloppy joes for supper. I used to make it that way when the kids were home, but have started to make it from scratch, as they say. It’s not hard and it’s a lot more tasty!

For this recipe, I browned half a chopped vidalia onion in vegetable oil, added about 3/4 pound of ground beef and cooked them together, breaking up the beef along the way. When the beef and onion mixture were cooked through and broken up in the skillet, I add the following ingredients to make a piquant, rich flavor:

1) a half cup or so of Heinz organic ketcup

2) 2 tablespoons of apple cider

3) 1 or 2 shakes of Worcestershire sauce

4) 2 tablespoons of brown sugar

5) 1 tablespoon of coarse mustard

6) cracked pepper

Stir the sauce ingredients together and combine some at a time with the beef, scraping it towards the center of the skillet until well mixed. Taste for seasoning. I like it piquant and flavorful. If you like it more bland, then add the sauce gradually until it’s to your taste.

Toast some sesame buns in a skillet and cook some farm stand corn on the cob. Too bad there’s no football game tonight but there’s U.S. Open tennis! In the meantime, this is a simple and very tasty meal! Yum!