asian noodle salad . . .

by mulberryshoots


This morning, I saw a photo of a rustic Japanese pottery bowl filled with cold noodles. It inspired me to make an extemporaneous Asian noodle salad to chill in the fridge for supper tonight. Along with it, I might add some avocado slices, navel orange slices and some cold shrimp.

For the noodles, I boiled up a packet of my favorite Asian noodles – from “Wel-Pac” I order them by the box and find them handy to make stir fries or lo mien with vegetables and any kind of protein – beef, chicken, shrimp.

While the water came to a boil, I cut up some hearts of Napa cabbage, a Persian cucumber and a green onion. I remembered that I had some Teriyaki pressed tofu from Trader Joe’s in the fridge and cut up one cake into thin slivers. The sauce ingredients were Ohsahwa soy sauce, Japanese Marukan vinegar, fresh lemon juice, a little sugar, a couple of dollops of oyster sauce and a half teaspoon of Korean Gochujang sauce. Tasted it for seasoning and let it sit until the noodles were cooked. I ran a knife through the noodles so that they were in shorter lengths and let them drain and cool before adding them to the vegetables.

At room temperature, I added the noodles and scooped the mixture gently until the sauce was evenly distributed. Put some cling wrap on it and placed the bowl in the refrigerator – will probably mix together a couple more times during the day. And voila! most of tonight’s dinner is prepared and it isn’t even noon!