“homemade” ramen noodle soup for lunch!

by mulberryshoots

t’s mid-November, a chilly, rainy Friday morning. For lunch, I’m making a ramen noodle dish, made with a Japanese ramen noodle (comes dried, then cooked and drained before adding to the broth.)

I used to use Sapporo Ichiban as my go-to ramen noodle, but these were worth a try. I cooked the noodles and rinsed them in cold water. Then made the “homemade” stock: purified water, 2 spoonfuls of instant Dashi, a can of Swanson low-sodium chicken broth and a 2 spoonfuls of soy sauce.

Stirred it together, brought it to a boil and added 2/3rds of the cooked noodles. Standing by for when we’re ready to eat are gorgeous fresh spinach leaves and fresh mushrooms that will be cooked just when ready to serve. YUM!