moo shu vegetables! . . .

by mulberryshoots

For Thanksgiving, G. and I enjoyed having Peking Duck with wrappers that I made myself. There were some left over so I made a moo shu vegetable dish to use up the wrappers – while G. finished up the duck!

To make it authentic, I soaked some tree fungus called “moo-er” and some daylily buds that I have out in the pantry. After they’re soaked and soft, I rinsed them and cut them up into small pieces. In a skillet with heated vegetable oil, I sauteed garlic, scallions and ginger, then added fresh sliced mushrooms, sliced sugar snap peas and the moo-er and daylily pieces. Stir-fried, they combined well and I added in a half bag of raw coleslaw with carrots. This is an easy way to add cabbage to stir-fries without buying a whole cabbage. While vegetables cooked, I added soy sauce, sugar, a little seasoned Japanese rice wine and oyster sauce into a small dish. Stirred it up and added it to the frying mixture, scooping it up and turning the vegetables over with the sauce. It was really good – especially with the crunchy tree ear and daylily buds. Will add more next time! YUM!