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eggs benedict for dinner tonight! . . .

Yesterday on Easter, we enjoyed a nice ham, twice-baked potatoes and brussels sprouts with bacon brought by a friend. We had little chocolate cake bunnies with little sugar faces for dessert. 

Tonight, using a few slices of ham on toasted crumpets topped with poached eggs and homemade hollandaise sauce was a simple supper which is always so much pleasure after feasting for holidays! We sprinkled some truffle salt and cracked pepper on top and enjoyed a light, tasty meal. Along with it, we sipped on chilled Prosecco left over from last night’s dinner – and it was still fizzy! My daughter, C., showed me how placing a silver spoon stem into the open bottle of fizzy KEEPS it fizzy when refrigerated. Hurray!


eggs . . .

eggs benedict for christmas brunch

As you can see from previous posts like “oeufs en gelee” and “boiling an egg,” I’m fond of eggs. Really fresh, organic eggs.

There’s a barnyard farm kind of place in one of the towns nearby that I go to buy a couple of dozen extra large eggs every two weeks or so. When little Josie was visiting, her breakfast was some freshly sauteed baby spinach added to some scrambled eggs and grated cheese for breakfast. Sometimes the eggs are so big there are double yolks. So you can see how much I love fresh eggs.

josie, waiting for breakfast

scrambled eggs, spinach and cheese for josie's breakfast

A week or so ago, I received an email from the owners of the little egg buying place. There’s a small room with fridges where you go in and buy eggs on the honor system, leaving either money or a check sealed in Read the rest of this entry »