eggs . . .

by mulberryshoots

eggs benedict for christmas brunch

As you can see from previous posts like “oeufs en gelee” and “boiling an egg,” I’m fond of eggs. Really fresh, organic eggs.

There’s a barnyard farm kind of place in one of the towns nearby that I go to buy a couple of dozen extra large eggs every two weeks or so. When little Josie was visiting, her breakfast was some freshly sauteed baby spinach added to some scrambled eggs and grated cheese for breakfast. Sometimes the eggs are so big there are double yolks. So you can see how much I love fresh eggs.

josie, waiting for breakfast

scrambled eggs, spinach and cheese for josie's breakfast

A week or so ago, I received an email from the owners of the little egg buying place. There’s a small room with fridges where you go in and buy eggs on the honor system, leaving either money or a check sealed in an envelope and slipped in the brass slot of the back door. It seemed to work for a long time.

Their email contained a graphically blaring title asking if we had seen this THIEF!! Through the rest of the email were displayed photos of a middle-aged woman holding various foodstuffs that she had apparently not paid for in the “honor” system.

To be honest, I was horrified by the tone of the email and its burglary accusations. And a day later, I felt miffed that I had apparently also been filmed by the webcams while buying eggs under this so-called honor system. How long had this been going on? What is honor anyhow? Trust?

A few days later, another mass email was circulated saying that the culprit had confessed and would make payment raparations. Okay. Well, maybe they are happy now. But I’m not. I hate to give up this source for such fine eggs which we have enjoyed for a long time. But there must be other farms from which to buy fresh eggs. This one, to my mind, undermined an honor system with webcams unbeknownst to those of us who were innocently filmed without our knowledge.

Where’s the honor in that?

And this whole brouhaha is over eggs?