edamame hummus . . .

by mulberryshoots

edamame hummus 1

For lunch, I made edamame hummus from a recipe I came across this morning. Instead of frozen edamame, I used packed fresh, shelled edamame from Trader Joe’s that I happened to have on hand in the fridge.

edamame hummus 3Followed the recipe except for adding a little more water, used a Meyer lemon and hand ground coriander seed in a mortar & pestle because I didn’t have any powdered on hand.

I processed it in my small red Cuisinart processor. It labored a little bit and I thought it might have come out more finely pureed in either a larger blender or in the Vitamix. But, after tasting it and adding a tad bit liquid (olive oil & water) the texture and consistency seemed fine. I also used twice as much fresh chopped parsley as the recipe called for which gave it brightness. (Next time I think I’ll try using the Vitamix to see the difference it might make from this “little processor that could”!) edamame hummus 2

We ate this edamame dip with spinach/kale chips (pricey but worth it!) and thin halves of flax/bran pita bread crisped up in the toaster. A small bowl of clam chowder from the soup kitchen at Shaw’s and we were happy with a light lunch sans any processed lunchmeats or bread. YAY!

Note: what wouldn’t look appetizing in the gorgeous shino bowl (1 of 2) that Megan gave us two Christmases ago? (Thanks Meg!)