serving bone broth . . .

by mulberryshoots

For anyone who might be thinking of trying this at home, I thought it might be helpful to see what the broth looks like when it is stored and served.

bone-broth-servingsThis photo shows containers holding approximately 3 cups of broth in each one. The one in the middle is fresh from the freezer where you can see a congealed layer of fat on the top. It comes out easily after running a knife around the edge and looks a little like wax.

The container on the right shows the gelatinous broth before it is thawed completely. And the cup on the left contains warm broth.

By the way, it tastes good. Enough flavor to make it satisfying to drink. It’s also not too bland. I’m waiting to see whether I go through all three containers today or not.

Probably will. Worth it too.